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Hey there! Welcome to dev.to!

International Welcome Taco

These welcome threads just keep going! And that's cause there's just more and more of you!

Please introduce yourself to the community! You can start by sharing your favorite programming languages, what you're interested in learning next, or your latest and greatest side project. No rules, just make yourself at home! 😀

Also, here's a random question to get you started:

How has technology changed how you connect with others?

Leave a comment below to introduce yourself to the community!✌️

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Hello there everyone! I am a developer from São José do Rio Preto, Brazil. I currently work as the lead developer in a marketing agency. Since we are a small business, I act as a do-it-all full stack dev: some minor designing, developing, deploying, reporting and even giving some support, but I sure am happy! The techs I use for now are mostly Laravel, sass and webpack. Came to know this community a few days ago and I already enjoy it a lot. Nice to meet you folks!!


Hi, my name is Iren, and I'm a technical writer at Syndicode. I do write and read about everything happening around IT and digital. I'm addicted to news. And can do nothing with it.
I'm glad to join you community with the 1st entry article: IT education in Ukraine which is special by reflecting what is happening with education in my country.
In the near future, I decided to learn JavaScript, because I think that it's quite powerful. But still not sure if I can manage it. Will see.
For now, I mostly write about RoR, different js frameworks, useful hacks for programmers (despite I'm not a coder yet, I know where to find them) and trends in IT and development. Also I'm interested UX and UI design.


Hello, Lemayian is my name. I'm a Software Developer at Andela. I'm interested in Machine Learning and I love UI/UX designing. Having less than one year of working experience, I do not have much to say.

I'm yet to write any interesting articles but I'm glad to join this awesome community!


Awesome, I have a friend who works at Andela. Cool to see an Andela engineer here :)


Hello all, my name is Francis Sunday and I've been a Software Developer since 2014. I'm Nigerian.
I am mostly interested in software engineering with specializations in Front-end and Back-end technologies.

I write technical articles here and also on my Blog. I work remotely with some cool agencies and startups around the globe.

I also help out other Techies and newbies on various Developer forums and meetups. I'm an Expert Mentor at Codementor.io a market place for 1:1 technical assistance.

That's a bit about me


Hi Francis, good to meet you. I'm from Nigeria too and I'm a freshman computer science major.


Can you please tell me what this place is about ?

It's an online community for programmers. Members can share their knowledge with others through posts and commenting on other users posts.


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet ... .

I live in Seattle and work for the security of my family and the enjoyment of life.

I like ruby and golang best. I am getting over my first (negative) impression of python.

I spend a lot of time in zsh and atom automating IaC in AWS with packer, terraform, GoCD, and a cornucopia of other tools.

I am learning ansible and kubernetes.

I love the outdoors and can be found many weekends of summer in the North Cascades.

Let's get coffee or drinks and explore what we should collaborate on.


As a beginner I believe getting your hands dirty with projects alongside experienced persons willing to mentor you is the best way to get better, I'm open to collaborations


I work in Seattle too. Currently a full stack developer at consultant company. Trying to learn and put into practice as much as I can.


Hello all, my name is Antero Kärki and I've been a software developer since 2012. I live in Sweden.

Been working web so mostly PHP and JavaScript for me but looking to replace the former with... anything really. I like Ruby, most functional languages like Elixir, Clojure, Haskell, Erlang, am looking at Elm and liking it so far and will probably do some Rust and Go in the future as well.

I try to get out, meetups and stuff. Tech meetups, writer's meetups. I like cooking and mixing cocktails.

That's a bit about me


Hi everyone, my name is Daniel. I'm a computer science freshman/sophomore. I'm super interested in Android development.

I've been in tech for a while but I've mostly had tech support jobs. I'm a big fan of tech as a whole, so I try to get rid of biases for/against different companies. If it's tech and innovative, then I love it.

Technology has helped me connect with and remain connected with most of my friends.


Hi, my name is Martin and I am 3rd year computing student. I know few languages like js, java, php, sql and currently I am starting c++. I love to work with people on bigger projects, hopefully I can contribute to this community 😊


Welcome :) Would love to read a post about what you're learning in school and if it's helping you with your projects.


Hello everyone! My name is Alex Miranda and I have been a Software Engineer for the past three years. I specialize in web technologies but I am also pursuing a second Bachelors in Computer Science at Oregon State University so I can diversify my technical competencies. I plan to revive my portfolio site as a static site hosted on AWS s3 so stay tuned! I joined this community so I can improve my technical abilities and to meet people doing cool things in the hopes I can find my next professional opportunity!


Hello World!

I'm Diomari Madulara a software developer based in Davao, PH. I'm interested on UX and frontend development. Right now I'm expanding my knowledge in javascript as well as learning how to properly design products that can be used by the majority.

I hope by joining this community I can learn more and become a better designer and developer. I'm also willing to give back and contribute in any way I can. Please feel free to contact me my personal site


Hello family
I'm a Liberian I love programming languages
I feel at home with dev.i feel like home staying and knowing more people who can help me learn more about programming I love it that's my life.


Hi everyone, my name is Wagner Silva and I've been a software developer and Bachelor of Information Systems with 10 years experience as a software developer, I live in Brazil.
I have interest in every ecosystem, backend and devops.

That's a bit about me


Hello, hello everyone! Hope you're enjoying the platform and community so far. We've all got something to share, and this is the place where people want to hear!

Technology has really helped me hear everyone's stories, in ways that I definitely couldn't have. Whether it's reading a fiction book my e-reader or learning about the Chinese in the Mississippi Delta, I've learned so much about people that I probably would never have the chance to meet.


Hello, I'm Ash. I blog a bit and tweet occasionally. I mainly work on microservices in the cloud.


Met two friends one from Denmark and one from Norway because of technology. Not possible without the PS3 and Call of Duty :P


Hi Everyone :),

My name is Ryhila Ebrahim,from South Africa and I am a Software developer. I have been developing Software professionally for over a year although I have four years of experience prior to this, developing Software for educational purposes along with a personal need to better my skills. Over the years, I grew fond of solving problems and seeing the Software I developed being used in every day life. My drive comes from knowing that I can make a change in peoples lives.

I currently develop Web and Mobile Applications using Test Driven Development(TDD).



Bonjour, comment ça va?

¿ Todo bien ?

My name is Jonathan (Hebrew: יונתן) and I'm in love with Languages. Both Programming Languages as well as regular languages.


And, replying to the random question "How has technology changed how you connect with others?":

First and foremost it allowed me to connect to people I wouldn't possibly meet or interact with. And I believe this is a very positive outcome of Social Networks.

Many interesting people I met on Twitter, Linkedin or what have you, I have only met because of the very existence of those social networks. And I'm grateful for that.

As an expat (I'm from Brazil, currently living in Israel), I also learned to appreciate the easiness and immediacy that we're allowed to communicate and keep in touch with friends, family and loved ones.

I was born in a time where we had to use letters and hardwired phones... so I remember how hard it used to be. It wouldn't be anywhere as easy to leave a country for a new one 20 or 30+ years ago. I also learned to admire those who did it back then... can we imagine 100, 200 years ago?


Hey there,
This is Maedah Batool. I'm a WordPress Core Contributor, Journalist and a Developer, who reviews products, provides WordPress support and handles technical documentation.

Currently, I'm working as the Creative Director at WPTie/FinkTanks, and I also write on the WPCouple.com along with my husband, Ahmad Awais (who's a regular core contributor for WP). I have been working with WordPress for more than seven years now. I have written both in-depth tutorials and general articles for beginners and advanced developers.

I've been running a startup named FinkTanks since 2013 through which we teach blogging with WordPress along with the basics of design and code. It's been almost eight years since I've been writing. I started off with contributing at sites like Freakify, ProPakistani, and later partnered with Ahmad Awais (we got married last December :)).

Recently, I've been writing on Envato Tuts+, Creative Market and SitePoint. I co-authored a white paper with WPEngine last year and had reviewed the first book on WordPress REST API with PACKT Publishing. I managed and wrote content for the official blog of InspiryThemes and WPCouple.com. I have shared my life's story as an essay at HeroPress (heropress.com/essays/making-wordpr...).


Awesome to have two WordPress core contributors! Congratulations on your marriage :)


Hi all!

I'm not a software developer, but I sometimes play one on TV. :D

What I do is document and showcase APIs. I've just started my fourth job doing this sort of thing and I love it. I've lately started a blog about technical writing and product management and marketing and APIs and the intersection of the things.

I'm pretty codey, as far as non-engineers go, but I'm definitely not an engineer. I do like engineers a lot though :D

I'm from, live, and work in the DC metro area. I've lurked here for a while and finally decided to raise my hand and say hi.




My name is Deepali Mehta, working as writer and editor.

I completely relish writing on various development related affairs, technology trends, management, and much more buzzing things in the IT industry. Her idea of writing is to spread derived knowledge of the latest technologies amongst techgeeks and techlearners.


Hello, i'm Guiala Jean Roger,I'm a young Software developper base in cameroon, i'm interested in web (mostly PHP and javascript and some ASP.NET) and mobile development (targeting IOS and Android with xamarin).
like to learn new stuff and i'm ready to work on any great project.
oh also i'm really interested in GIS (Geographic Information System).
That's a bit about me



How is it going? Hope you all do well.

Just a brief bio:

My name is Andrei (if you're curious, how to pronounce my name, so it will be like [A:ndrei] with a stress on the first letter 'A'). I'm from Minsk, Belarus. Currently, I'm in Toronto, Canada. I study at Humber College. My major is Web Development. I was always fond of creating websites and playing with Wordpress themes/plugins. That's why I decided to take this course and to become a professional web developer.

I have some designing skills, editing images in Photoshop, making layouts in InDesign or creating vector graphics in Illustrator.

I have basic knowledge of MySQL, php, html, css, javascript, ASP.NET, c#, internet protocols, DNS, phpmyadmin.

I'd like to take advantage of being a part of this community and to contribute to its overall success.

God bless you!


Hello, my name is Chibueze Ogbunude, you can call me Lemuel, I am a software developer who loves Android development and always ready to support the Android OS. I have dabbled with other areas such as 3D design, Network security and also with some languages such as C# and PHP. What I enjoy are communities like this where I can learn and most importantly contribute, not just in Android communities but any software development community. My eyes are on Languages such as Dart, Kotlin and C++ :).

I have a blog LEMUBIT where I share my experiences and share tips on software development.

I actually just graduated from University this year, thus giving me more time for software development. :)


Hello, I'm Adrian. I'm a recent graduate from the coding boot camp Galvanize. I went in wanting to create mobile apps for the IOS and Android platforms even though Galvanize only teach Full Stack Web Development and Data Science. That's where I learned about React Native and I've built my Q3 and Capstone projects with React Native. Now I'm learning all I can about the RN platform.

I want to learn Swift/Objective-C and Java/Kotlin down the line as well as Python (always wanted to learn Python).

Can't wait to get started in a career of mobile app development.




Hey everyone. My name is Jacob McKinney and I'm a WordPress developer in Huntsville, AL. I work mostly with PHP, JS, HTML, and CSS. I've been programming in one form or another for about 12 years, but only professionally for the past 3-4 years.

I have loved reading stuff from dev.to and hope to start contributing as well. I just recently realized there is a community here so I decided to jump in. Excited to be here!


Hello Everyone,

I am Md Anwarul Kaium Patwary, I am very passionate about Graph theory, networked data analysis, data science and computer science. Currently, I am doing research on graph partitioning, specifically, I am dealing with dynamic graph data from the different domain. I would be glad share my ideas here and looking forward to seeing all of your some interesting posts here on science and technology.



Hey all!

I'm Aizaz Khaja and I've been developing since 2016, thanks to Bloc.io. I really enjoy working full stack because the logical/rational side of me wants the backend and the creative side of me enjoys the frontend.

My main technologies are JavaScript (node.js, Angular, React.js) and Ruby (Rails).

Have been looking forward to joining a dev community, and this place looks like a good start.


Hey- My name is Mike, and I'm a CS student at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

I don't have a dev job right now, but I graduate in the spring of next year, so I'm hoping to have one sometime before then. I've worked with a handful of languages, including python, C/C++, Rust, javascript + html + css and now lua (making a small game).


Hi all, I am Naren. I work as a Software Development Engineer at Citrix. I am a full stack developer using Python and Go for the web backend and React for the UI. I deal with micro services and stateful components everyday. I do write some opinionated personal and technical junk here (medium.com/@narenarya). I usually speak at various tech conferences about software development and currently authoring a technical book on REST API development & micro services.

In the spare time, I try to cook spicy Indian dishes(since I am from India). If time allows me further, I practice the chess openings and end games.

In the weekends, I also conduct dev workshops to promote the open source tools like NodeJS, Python and, Django in nearby engineering schools.

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