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Discussion on: Nov. 24, 2019: What did you learn this week?

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Jonathan Kuhl

I was thrown into a job involving .NET, C# and SQL without much knowledge in any of that.

So I learned a lot this week.

I learned the value in good naming schemes for column names and table names in databases. For example, in one database, a foreign key is called entityid and its related column is entid which irks me, and can lead to potential confusion and coding problems.

I learned the value in consistency and standardization of programming styles. I saw a variable that was named x and I didn't like that. So I changed it and committed the change.

I learned the value in taking deep dives into even old and obsolete libraries. For example, I had to learn jQuery Grid yesterday all of a sudden, because I was tasked to create three columns on a web app. Whoever made this app originally picked jQuery Grid.

I learned things that appear simple on the outside are often not, especially at the enterprise level. Adding 3 new columns to a spreadsheet used for bulk insertion turned into an exhaustive 3 day exercise in hunting down and modifying a number of tables and SQL commands.

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