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Discussion on: A Definitive Guide to SEO with a Serverless React Application in 2019

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Jean-Christophe MARQUET

The technological stack I'm thinking about is the one we use at my company which has been satisfying so far. For you to have an idea of our base technological stack and principles I think the easiest way is to share with you one of our sources of inspiration : The server side is handled by a web service (ASP.Net Core WebAPI) which serves data stored in a SQL Server database.

We have some apps running with this stack but they are all only used in our customers' intranet. SEO has never been a concern so far. It's definetly going to become a subject at some point however. In our situation, I can surmize that the sitemap would be updated regularly by a planned task in corelation with the data in the database.

I'm not sure if it's relevant to stick with this stack for your walkthrough. I'm not sure how common/standard this stack is. Anyway having a walkthrough on the sitemap usage sor SEO would be amazing !

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Code Mochi Author

Thanks for the rundown of your stack Jean-Christophe. That's super interesting that you've coupled Gatsby together with ASP.Net, I haven't seen the blending of C# and javascript like that before. Luckily, from a frontend perspective, it doesn't actually matter what your backend uses as long as you are using Gatsby. I put together a post here that will take you through how to use a sitemap plugin to add generation to your website and then how to submit it to the Google search console. Enjoy and let me know if you have any more questions: