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Discussion on: 10 reasons to use Groovy in 2019

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José Coelho Author

Hey Hidde,

I think they're both very interesting languages, and of course, once a new language comes along its "competitors" start losing some track in the community.
In the end I believe they will coexist, but be narrowed down to their specific purposes/applications. They both have their own strengths.

What are you guys using Groovy for? In your place I would start new projects in Kotlin, just to see how it goes, but not migrate old ones.

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Hidde Wieringa

Yes, we have no trouble using Groovy for multiple projects. It is a great language.

Whad I personally miss the most in Groovy (versus Kotlin) is the type safety of all kinds of closures. And nullability.

For the more scripting side of things, Groovy might remain a better option than Kotlin in some cases.