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Hello I'm Jonathan.
So I'm self learning web development now and want to be a better dev soon. I take courses from freeCodeCamp, Codecademy, Laracasts, and Udemy, Webpack Academy, to learn new things. Idk why I liked coding in web, than my previous newbie coding experience on VB.NET. Maybe it's the freeCodeCamp community that helps me when I am stuck at something :D

I am studying web development this day because our thesis project is like a video tutorial then quiz app. Lot of challenges ahead as because this our first project, figuring out how the system works.

We code our site with Laravel/PHP and Vue because of the tremendous amount of videos at laracasts. But someday I like to migrate to a full javascript stack. It's because of the interesting projects in freeCodeCamp. :)

Though I just fast-paced learned some concepts because of the time-limit on our project, I hope to have a bigger grasp of the concepts underlying in programming and apply them to my code. You know, like I watched advanced programming videos like design patterns or other advanced concepts like SOLID, but don't know when or how to use them to your advantage :D.

thanks :)

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