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Discussion on: Stencil: I Think I Found My Frontend Home

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"But we are not ready for them"

Why do you say that? I definitely think we're ready for them. Apple, Amazon, and Google are all shipping them to prod.

"Nothing I have seen has shown the output smaller than Svelte"

Open the article I posted earlier and check for yourself.

Stencil is the opposite of Thick UI. 0 framework, 0 esoteric syntax as in Svelte's case, just pure web-based development with a small vdom.

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Zane Milakovic

This is just one example. But yeah, it’s larger.

Web Components still require polyfills. The argument that these big companies ship them is fine, if you have the same user base as those companies and can alienate the same set of browser users.

I still have to support IE 11 for example.

I mean, if they work for you, and your happy with the framework. Congrats. I don’t need to keep going against every point you want to try and dismiss. It’s simple. Moving CSS and HTML into JS is thick client still. Might be lighter weight than a virtual dom, but it has ramifications. I have to support a wider range of users than you, and hence can’t use the features without polyfills.

So like I said before, I don’t feel we are ready for mass adoptions. Most websites can’t abandon IE11 or Edge. And I won’t use a collection of polyfills just so I can develop with a framework. Why punish the user. They don’t care that your using web components. They just want the site to be fast and work. So use the technology that does that the best. For me, that is Svelte or just native HTML, CSS and JS.