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Discussion on: Slid on ice, body-slammed my new Macbook Air. What should I check for?

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jen chan Author

It makes sense to use a PC, I'm just terrible at maintaining antivirus software and sadly I'm locked into the insanity of Apple UI, keychain, terminal commands... It would be a good endeavour in the future to switch to a linux but I'm just not mentally there yet :/

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Conlin Durbin

Hopefully you can fix your Mac! Sorry to hear about the damage, but glad you are OK!

You might check out Linux! Especially for development work, a lot of the distro's are really good - check out Ubuntu and Elementary. I can also super recommend ThinkPads - I have a x230 ($284 on Ebay), with 8g ram and a 256g SSD. I have Archlinux installed on that, but it would run with anything.

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Jackson Elfers

Personally I've never used antivirus. If I must go sniff out a fishy internet site I'll fire up virtual box and surf around in a vm. All command prompts definitely have their similarities but I can understand the affinity.