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re: Hack or maybe not: "Deleting" master when it gets too big VIEW POST

re: For those of you that are confused, master is not deleted on the remote repo. It is only deleted on the local repo. If all your merging happens on...

Ooh thanks for identifying that only the local is deleted.

So this was my thought process: I thought they were pulling from a forked repo. I also thought they meant checkout master as my-new-branch, delete master locally AND remotely, and push my-new-branch as the authoritative new master

It seems weird not to keep previous work around for future reference. I suppose they wanted to reduce redundancy of branches or repo files at that point. My mind likes to makeup stories


The work is always there in the.git folder. You just don't have the "branch".

But once you do git checkout -b my-new-branch origin/master, you'll have an identical copy of origib/master it'll just be called my-new-branch locally.

So when you build your future with, it's built it the latest files.

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