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Jenuel Oras Ganawed
Jenuel Oras Ganawed

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I re-created my portfolio using Nuxt3

I have been working with Vue a lot. And When nuxt3 came out, I started trying it out. And the first thing I do was change my portfolio website using Nuxt. I am amazed at how fast it is now compared to the older version of Nuxt.

I created my portfolio website with blogs, which is why I made the decision to use Nuxt because it supports Server-Side Rendering. And we all know that SSR is good for SEO, and I like my blogs to be searchable on the internet and can be crawled by internet crawlers.

Here is my Portfolio website, I know their are things to improve.

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Domenico Tenace

Your project is minimal and clean, I like it!
Good job!

How was development with Nuxt3?

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Jenuel Oras Ganawed

Nuxt might be my favorite tool for creating SSR web apps. :) its a lot easier to use.