8 great reads for aspiring JavaScript devs πŸ“š

Jerod Santo on May 09, 2019

Divya, Emma, and I had a gab session on BOOKS during the final segment of JS Party #73. The list of recommended reads from that convo was too good... [Read Full]
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My suggestions to complete your list (all JS related)

  • Speaking JavaScript (Axel Rauschmayer)
  • JavaScript: The Good Parts (Douglas Crockford)
  • Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja (John Resig/Bear Bibeault/Josip Maras)
  • The Modern JavaScript Collection (SitePoint)

If you're looking for proficiency on JS, those are a must read!


Aspiring JS developers? I know some seasoned JavaScript developers who could do with reading these books. Heck, most developers I know could do with a read of The Mythical Man Month. Then, after they've read it, they should put it on the top of the desk of the nearest manager they can find.

These books are all great - it's got some classics of weighty code (MMM, Code Complete, PragProg) along with some JS specific stuff.

Aren't you a bit worried that some of these books are a bit too, well... BIG. Code Complete is a ruddy doorstop of a book. I'm not saying that they're not worth reading, but if you're an aspiring developer then surely you'd be better focusing on cracking on with writing some JavaScript rather that wading through a book about project management for an IBM operating system in the 80s (and I say that as someone who loved MMM)?

Anyway, to be hypocritical let me add to your list...

If I were recommending one book for someone who wanted to completely flip and level up how they write JavaScript, I'd go for The Little Schemer.

Wait, a book that's not even about JavaScript? You're mad Dave.

What you'll get out of The Little Schemer is a good introduction to functional programming. That's the best way (imho) to write JavaScript, and a real skill for life as a programmer.

It introduces a simple language - Scheme - and shows you just how much you can achieve by using nothing but functions to program with. You'll quickly work out how to apply the techniques and ideas from the book to JavaScript programming (and any other language for that matter).

It's short, it's simple, it's really sweet (cute elephant pictures) and it's written in a style unlike anything you'll ever read.

And it will blow your mind.


A great list. Code Complete is a hard slog, but so much goodness in there.

I'd add Eloquent JavaScript by Marijn Haverbeke to this list (eloquentjavascript.net/). A great introduction to JavaScript! It's an online book with interactive exercises. You can also buy it in hard copy.


Eloquent javascript is not for beginners IMO. But it's definitely one of my favorite


Awesome list - I think it would have been a nice consideration to include the authors’ names with the title. Some of them are called out in the pitch (nicely done), some not. Just a nitpick on an otherwise fantastic resource. Thank you!


Thanks for this awesome list. Looks like I've got some more reading material for my vacations. :)

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