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Discussion on: I'm the community engineer on the Glitch team at Fog Creek, ask me anything!

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Jess Lee (she/her)

Do you think dev advocates need to be extroverts to be successful?

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jenn schiffer Ask Me Anything

i think the definition of success in such a role is not entirely defined by the person in that role - so in that case, yes, there is an expectation of being "out there" in the field and online. i imagine that there are products where you can be entirely online and not go to events or be on video, but dev rel doesn't work when you're in a vacuum. i, myself, am constantly being pushed out of my comfort zone and a big part of my defining my success is trying to make sure that push out of my comfort zone is on my own terms.

a cool fun fact is that by traditional definitions of introvert/extroverts, i'm actually quite an introvert. i am definitely the wallflower at a party until someone i know arrives or someone approaches me to chat.

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