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Discussion on: I used to work with vessel tracking data. Ask Me Anything!

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Jess Lee (she/her)

Whoa. What stack was used for the web apps?
Any crazy stories you'd like to share from that experience?!

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Dustin King Ask Me Anything

The main monitoring one that existed before I got there was in C# with ASP.NET. Initially all our databases were MS SQL Server but we switched to Sybase, in this case SQLAnywhere.

There were a couple apps that might almost count as "serverless", which had frontends in JQuery + JQueryUI. They talked to Java services on the backend through an Enterprise Service Bus and a REST API gateway that used Apache Camel, I think. (The ESB itself was run by an infrastructure team, and I don't really think it was that useful over just having REST services, but higher-ups liked to hear we were using it.)

There was one that I wrote, which they let me write in Python/Django (though there was a lot of skepticism of Python for applications at that point). It used Matplotlib to make nice graphs and so-so geographic heat maps. I might have mentioned this app before. I had some trouble with the Django support for Sybase databases. [Edit to add: The number of people using Django with SQLAnywhere could probably be counted on one hand with fingers left over. Less now that this app has been shut down, or so I hear.]

There was one time when we were testing transmit capability (which involved one of the JQuery apps on the front end), and Canada got mad because we were apparently spamming them. I don't know how the complaint came in, but we had to be a lot more careful about transmit tests after that.