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I studied piano performance in college, worked in marketing for a few years, did some non-code stuff for a startup, decided to freelance 'building' squarespace sites (didn't even use custom code, just the templates they provide), threw myself into a coding bootcamp, became a product manager, and ended up co-founding this site. A site full of developers exchanging highly technical ideas and concepts. And I have zero experience as a "professional" developer.

BOY do I suffer from imposter syndrome.

How I'm dealing with it:
Since my main responsibilities are operational, I was able to subconsciously avoid the codebase. Ben confronted me about that, mostly with concern that I wasn't doing something that I actually loved doing. After we chatted, we came to the decision that I'm free to ask any question I want. Even ones that are very obviously google-able.

I needed to hear this explicitly because I spent a while believing that I shouldn't ask a questions unless I've thoroughly searched for an answer. I didn't feel comfortable asking basic questions like 'what does this gem do?' because I knew that I could find that out, on my own. But recognizing that my time is extremely valuable has helped me ask the 'dumb' questions I've been afraid to ask. And it's making me much more efficient, and less afraid to break stuff.

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