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Each time something like this happens, it threatens to erode their very identities.


As someone who identifies as Taiwanese American, and strongly advocates for Taiwanese independence, I really appreciated waking up to this article on DEV. Thanks for bridging my worlds a bit, @sarthology . The way companies have handled China's pressure on Taiwan, Hong Kong, et al. has felt like the slow death by a million cuts. For example, I can't fly to Taiwan on US airlines anymore (I can physically, I just can't call it that). And on a personal level, I recently had to support a Taiwanese friend who was physically threatened by their Chinese colleagues because my friend was trying to host a discussion surrounding the events in Hong Kong (in solidarity). This all happened at a U.S. tech company. Anyway, I digress.

Because no Taiwanese individual in their right mind would select China as their country and then select Taiwan as their province.

Because people will want to poke holes in controversial articles like this, I just wanted to leave a note here to clarify that not all people who live in Taiwan identify as Taiwanese or are seeking independence. The result of foreign occupation and waves upon waves of immigration to Taiwan throughout the years has made the concept of 'identity' extremely complicated for the island. I thought you might find these two surveys done by the National Chengchi University interesting:


For anyone who's interested in learning more about Taiwanese history, check out Of Taiwan. It's what I do in my spare time.

At the end of the day, I hope folks will take an interest in these topics and make their own, informed, decisions. Thanks again Sarthak for challenging devs to question standards.


I was waiting for this. It’s my pleasure that I could write about it. I have been to Taiwan and happened to know about the history but I know that rest of the world don’t. Similarly there can be many countries that can be going through the same. That’s why we all do need to be more politically aware. It’s our responsibility.

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