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Discussion on: 🔨 [git]: Write better commits with Gitmoji

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Jesse Phillips

I agree but also disagree.

search the web for something that looks like a bug emoji [...] other person working on the project used a slightly different bug.

This can also be true with words, bug isn't the greatest example, though. In the case of gitmoji, the icons are being defined and there is a place to search on what you might want and still remain consistent across the team.

That being said, it isn't about the icons. It isn't really about reading or searching. It encourages good separation of intent for a commit.

I have a general rule that their is on emoji per commit. If the commit should have two then the commit should be broken apart. We don't want the code refactor and feature add at the same time. Yes I do break this from time to time, but this is an exception rather than common practice.

The emoji list goes a little further then necessary, but it also provides more opportunity to identify how to separate commits.

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