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Discussion on: What are your "must reads" for programming beginners?

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Jessica Veit • Edited

My absolute favourite: Clean Code by Robert C. Martin (maybe also Clean Architecture after a some practice ;))

I did stumble upon this book rather late in my career, but it finally put everything I somehow knew at this point into words, made it tangible for me.

On top of being informative, it is also very well written with lots of
examples and comparisons. It really shows you what to focus on and makes you aware of small things, which - in the long run - make a huge difference!

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The Art of readable code by Dustin boswell and Trevor Foucher is also a great book for learning clean coding practices.
Even though it doesn't go in depth as much as clean code, in my opinion it's beginner friendly, as well as shows examples in multiple languages with nice humor 😄

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Nočnica Fee Author

I need to check this out!