I don't believe there is any reason why a man should be more suitable to work as a software developer than a woman. Any qualified person should be able to do this job it they want.

It still seems weird to me that such things stay so stereotyped. Software engineers are some of the most sought for people in our country, but still if you tell people you are going to study it the assumption is made you are some kind of nerd.

Even worse is this seems an infinite loop. Because of the reaction people get, a lot of them will believe this stereotype and place themselves in this stereotype, often shattering self confidence. And because this happens people will think the stereotype is correct and it stays in place.

I'd say, everybody should go for the job they want. Don't let other people tell you different and don't let other people influence you negatively because of stereotype images they have about a group of people.

I really hope you'll have a lot of fun in your career! :)

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