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Discussion on: Ratlog.js – JavaScript Application Logging for Rats, Humans and Machines

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Jilles van Gurp

The point is that Ratlog is about output, not about the log api itself. These should be independent. So, why not separate those; like other frameworks do. So you have 1 way to log and multiple ways to target either human readable output or machine readable output. That would solve a real problem in the node.js world where most logging frameworks are naive and simplistic. I'd love to get better logging from node.js.

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jorin Author

Just stopping by to let you know I appreciate the feedback you gave!

While I like to keep Ratlog.js as simple as possible to use for the simple use case, I realize the value of Ratlog's logging semantics separate from its output format.
I extended the API in a way which allows using those semantics independent from the output format and which should make it easy to use it on top of other logging frameworks, libraries and services:

const log = ratlog.logger(log => {
  process.stdout.write(JSON.stringify(log) + '\n')


const debug = log.tag('debug')

debug('debugging only')

You can find more in the API docs