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Learning Python on Twitch with a kids book!

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I thought it would be fun to learn Python over Twitch, so others can see how I learn and can follow along learning themselves. There's a lot of great streams that assume some knowledge to get the most out of them, but this stream goes back to the 101 level which is great for total newbies.

The book I'm following is:

Coding for Beginners: Using Python

Coding for Beginners: Using Python book cover

This is from Usbourne publishers who publish fantastic kids books full of fun illustrations and jokes, and very accessible content. I loved them as a kid, and my six year old daughter loves them now - especially their look inside book on space.

I did my first stream earlier this week, and unfortunately I didn't know to tick the boxes to save it on Twitch or publish to YouTube - the curse of being a Twitch newbie!

A dog floating in space with a caption of I have no idea what I'm doing

Luckily I made a local recording, so it's on YouTube here:


I'll be streaming this regularly on Wednesdays at 12pm UK time, so come join in the fun!

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