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Discussion on: ifconfig vs ipconfig vs iwconfig

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You can use IP command and its subcommands

Like ip link(Manage and display the state of all network
) : a few examples :

ip link
Show information for all interfaces
ip link show dev em1
Display information only for device em1
ip link - - help for a brief overview

ip route
List all of the route entries in the kernel

ip neigh
Display neighbour objects

ip neigh show dev em1
Show the ARP cache for device em1

ip maddr
Display multicast information for all devices

ip maddr show dev em1
Display multicast information for device em1

IP address and MAC address can be assigned new values to via their sub-sub commands

Add an address
ip addr add dev em1
Add address with netmask 24 to device em1

addr del :Delete an address
ip addr del dev em1
Remove address from device em1

link set :Alter the status of the interface

ip link set em1 up
Bring em1 online

ip link set em1 down
Bring em1 offline

ip link set em1 mtu 9000
Set the MTU on em1 to 9000

Add an entry to the routing table

ip route add default via dev em1
Add a default route (for all addresses) via the local gateway that can be reached on device em1

ip route add via
Add a route to via the gateway at

ip route add dev em1
Add a route to that can be reached on
device em1

route delete Delete a routing table entry
ip route delete via

Replace, or add if not defined, a route

ip route replace dev em1
Replace the defined route for to use
device em1

route get Display the route

ip route get
Display the route taken for IP

That's my favourite:

Display socket statistics. The below options can be combined
ss -a
Show all sockets (listening and non-listening)
ss -e
Show detailed socket information
ss -o
Show timer information
ss -n
Do not resolve addresses
ss -p
Show process using the socket

There are commands for observation of traffic
nc( net cat). - - help
nm ( network mapper)

That's not all indeed but I hope it will be of help

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nmap ( network mapper) and not nm


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probably off topic but I have encountered that nmap is short for Network Manager.
A few more NFS ( Network File System ) commands:



ethtool ( to get or to change network card settings) i.e ethtool eth0 | grep speed
and so on

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Thanks for this adding this precious information.

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Thank you so much you solve my fresh installed Arch IPv4 address isseu, damn it was too hard to figureout what cause the issue, looks like iwctl didn't assing IPv4 to my Wifi network connection at all .
This should be dedicated post on it own, many people need this.