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Discussion on: What is the usual flow in authenticating a Client Application with a Token based REST API?

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I'm not sure.. I think only the refresh token alone?

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Nick Karnik

I see. How does it make it secure in that case? Anyone who gets a hold of the refresh token can still request an access token right? I think the idea of a secure refresh token is that anyone who discovers it cannot do anything with it because additional pieces of information are required in order to request an access token.

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Ayaz Hussein

Hey, What other information can be used to differentiate between stolen refresh token and a valid refresh token?

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Blake Wight

This reply is a bit late, but perhaps useful to a future passer by. What you could do is have the front end pass in some information about where they are located and/or their device/browser and then tie refresh tokens to each device/browser. This could allow the user to revoke refresh tokens per location/device. If a request provides a token from a new location (for that token) revoke it and require another login from that device. Still spoofable, but it adds another layer.