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Discussion on: acme/acme2k: A lesson in sane IDE defaults.

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jjthiessen • Edited

I know it's almost a year late, and I don't currently use acme, but I've found the Logitech T400 to be a really good three button mouse. It has four actual buttons (left, right, middle, middle-bottom), but the middle buttons are on top of an XY touch/scroll surface.

The most disappointing thing is that they decided to do some weird Super-d combo as the default middle click action (instead of an actual middle click). Fortunately, it's easy enough to remap with their official app in Windows, with Karabiner in macOS, or keymap and udev rules in Linux.

I'm pretty sure that the mouse is out of production, so if you get one and like it, buy a couple more to see you though.

If you're like me, you'll probably also want to swap scroll axis (to natural scroll).