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re: Is building 100 beginner projects a good approach? VIEW POST


"From my conversations with working developers, the answer is a resounding NO. Bummer."

^ Good on you for having the awareness to realise this! Due to unusual circumstances at my startup, I've recently had to help evaluate Frontend devs to hire.
The vast majority are quite raw so I had to check their GitHub portfolios to make a conclusion. Every time I came across a portfolio with 10 apps which looked like they were copied and pasted from a tutorial in half a day, I had to say no, simply because it's impossible to tell how they would handle more complex projects that you work on in the real world.

I'd much rather see someone who has just a couple of projects in their portfolio but has worked on them for months or years, as this is a good indication that they have experience handling a codebase which grows in complexity

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