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What’s the best way to learn. I’ve read a ton of books and I still feel like I know nothing. Any advice?


Books and courses are awesome, but ultimately the only way to truly learn to code is to just start programming. It's just like swimming: you can read a hundred books on the topic, but it won't mean a thing until you actually jump in the water.

Don't worry about writing good code right away...just write code!

  • Start building something small, especially something you personally would like to use.

  • Find an open source project you are interested in and just dive in. Read the code, even if you have to struggle through and research what every single line does. Download a copy and try to build it. See if you can fix a bug or add a small feature.

When it comes to programming, it's always bewildering when you first start, but if you just jump in and try to do what you can, soon you'll find you're not just keeping your head above water, you're actually swimming!


Thank you. I have a changed perspective now :)

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