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Joe Ortiz

Greetings DEV Community!

It's a pleasure to join and I look forward to making many new contacts, technical discussions, and answers to fix dev tool or code design problems when they go off the deep end, leaving me googling for hours to figure out a fix!

You can see from my profile picture, I play the trumpet, and aside from computers, it's one of my deepest passions. So when I get stuck on the computer, I blow my horn to clear my head out.

I studied computer architecture, imaging, AI, algorithms, and everything computers back in the mid-80s while in college for my BS and MS in Computer Engineering. I also got my MBA after that. You can see on my Linkedin profile ( which starts in the 90s (yes due to age discrimination), I've been around the block. What's not on profile are jobs as a Unix/C/BSH/Client-Server/Mother-Board software engineer.

If you are on LinkedIn, connect with me!

So I have seen the industry go from departmental LANs using timeshare character-based terminals, to the first email addresses, to internetworked client-server systems with X-Windows bit-mapped terminals, mobile phones the size of bricks, to the first digital cameras and PDAs, to SaaS being a wonderful new thing, the internet bubble burst, enterprise-class applications siloed at a departmental level, to data in the cloud, to now almost every product touting that some feature is based on AI or machine learning.

We currently live in an amazing time with Digitial Transformation taking place systemically across all industries.

So right now, I'm an entrepreneur. I'm becoming part of a startup with a great idea, and they need an MVP to get the business running. I'm building the MVP.

To create a Mobile/Web solution, I am using Dart and Flutter and developing using Android Studio (ouch). The backend is less clear to me. I think Ruby on Rails and a Postgresql database should cover the data flow end-to-end. I'm doing all the development on my sweet Alienware laptop with GPU that I got to process GoPro Fusion 360 video. It works great for development.

However I will need to migrate the backend to AWS so once we start landing users, we will be able to dynamically scale up the service. I'm a novice with AWS and have only spun up servers and set up some services.

I also will have questions about everything I'm working on, but also the security of user data, user authentication processes, database schema strategies, and so on.

Anyway, I figured if I spilled my guts here, I may get a better reaction and more specificity to my interactions with the DEV community.


Kind Regards,

Joe Ortiz