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Discussion on: Working in Japan: Myths, Realities, Salary, Culture (By A Software Engineer)

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Hi Rob,
I just read your article and I feel like I have had a crash course in Japanese work expectations. It's been incredibly informative.
I've worked in the service industry most of my life but I want to change things. I've been studying C++ and I'm making it my goal to be good enough to work and live in Japan with it. It's my dream goal.

Do you have any recommendations on resources for learning the language or a better language to learn? I'm just trying to get to the level that I need for my future.
If you did read this message then thank you so much for taking the time to hear me out and that goes double for it you respond.
I hope everything is going well, have a good day.

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Rob Sherling Author

Hi. I'm sorry it took a long time to get back to you.

You said "I'm making it my goal to be good enough to work and live in Japan with it."

There is no arbitrary standard - just go for it! I'd say either get a year of experience and then come over, or start as an English teacher and then switch when here.

I also made a second part to this article where I talk about my salary as a freelancer, and released the first version of an app to help learn Japanese from the materials you like!

I have an entire language article I want to reccommend, actually!

Also, please check out my language app to help people read materials they like and learn words from them! The app is

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