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AndroidX or Support Libraries

This sucks a lot.

I will launch a project in the coming week in the hope to make the transition easier.

Architecture components: MVVM, MVI, MVP, MVP or MVC?

Avoid any recommendations from Google and do whatever makes sense in your particular context.

Java Callbacks, Android RX observables and/or Kotlin Coroutines

Use callbacks, that's the universal idiom and they can be converted to coroutines in a few lines.

Java or Kotlin

Kotlin for me, but I am biased since I learned Java with Android, which makes it look extra bad.

I wonder why Google has this wait and see attitude instead of just ensuring that there is 1 best way to do all of these things...

I am not surprised, whenever they recommended one way to do things, they choosed the worst option: multiple activities, fragments, loaders, async tasks, ....


Yeah, will probably do something like this to make it work well for everyone:


I am curious about your thoughts on the AndroidX vs Support libraries mess and how it affects you as a library author.

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