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Final Project


The final project for our class was based on issues within HaxtheWeb. The issues were introduced by our professor and my group was given "mark-the-words". The projects goal is to be able to select words from within a paragraph and have the system count which ones are correct and which ones are wrong based on the prompt. All the user has to do is select words within the paragraph that meet the parameters and they will be marked with a "+1" however any that are considered incorrect based on the words in the system will be marked "-1". You cannot change your answers once you submit them but you can retry the task meaning all selections will be wiped and you will reselect what you believe is right. An example is provide below:


The compilation of code includes NodeJS, HTML, and CSS. Using imported elements from LitElement, HTML, and CSS libraries allows us to complete this project using simplistic standards. The combination of code allows us to manipulate the aesthetics of the project while making sure that there are set parameters for the user which returns correct or incorrect selections.

Using spans within the paragraph we needed to make it so when the user hit submit the code scanned their selections and related those selections to the included words field.

Final Steps

There are some small bugs that need cleaned up and some aesthetics that need tweaked in order to compliment the subject matter. The code will need to be published to NPM as well but other than that the project is coming along well.

GitHub Link

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