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Discussion on: On Hiring Developers and the Technical Interview Process

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Josh Michielsen Author

Thanks for your comment Val.

I've interviewed with a lot of companies and I think I can safely say our interview process is one of the shortest I've come across.

Technically, all interviews are in the candidates free time. I've done a number of interviews where the company has asked me to complete a challenge onsite, or via a collaborative coding environment, while an interviewer stands over you and watches. Come companies require you to sit down and pair with someone, which can be especially difficult for neurodiverse candidates. Our tech test (that is relatively short mind you) is something the interviewee can take away and do in the comfort of their own home. Which we believe is much less stressful.

Admittedly, it's probably my least favourite part of the process, but we've struggled to find an alternative.

We do sometimes use agencies, but the phone interview is probably our most important stage. Many of the questions we ask in our phone interview simply wouldn't be the same if they were asked by a recruiter. I would say most candidates don't progress past this stage.