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re: Oh I've got a very clear answer when to use rebase: n-e-v-e-r. The process is obscure and the tooling is bad, even in modern IDEs such as IntelliJ ...

The main goal of rebase is to prepare a branch before submitting pull request (or equivalent), in the "blessed repository" workflow. It helps maintainer to have up-to-date changes, and less conflicts.

While at it, you can cleanup all the "fixup" commits with git rebase --interactive.


Is the "blessed repository" or integrator workflow similar to a forking workflow? I was trying to research the difference but they sound similar to me.

I am talking here about workflow titled "Integration-Manager Workflow" in the "Pro Git" book, chapter 5.1: Distributed Workflows.

Got it, the infographics are quite helpful with reading through git workflows.

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