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Discussion on: Workspace Wednesday: Show me pics of your at-home setup

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JoelBonetR • Edited


  • LG 27" 4K IPS
  • Samsung 27" 2K curved VA (clockwise rotated)
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Logitech G915
  • Mad Catz RAT 6+
  • Mars Gaming MMPRGB2 XXL pad
  • Corsair Void Elite wireless headset
  • Logitech Z200 speakers
  • A pair of xbox one controllers
  • ThunderX3 Yama 1 ergonomic chair (that I love so much)

Desktop with:

  • NZXT H510
  • Ryzen 3600X liquid cooled
  • Corsair 32Gb RAM (4x8Gb) DDR4 3000MHz with Corsair Airflow
  • Asus prime x570 mobo
  • Radeon Vega 64
  • SSD M.2 samsung 970 Evo + Sandisk Sata SSD 1Tb


For work:

  • Elementary OS
  • Jetbrains IDEs
  • Git Kraken
  • Tones of tools depending on the project.

For leisure:

  • Windows 10
  • Steam, Origin, Uplay, RobotCache, GoG, and so...
  • Discord, TeamSpeak
  • AMD Drivers
  • Netflix
  • Spotify

I had 4 screens but my GF broke her laptop so I had to set up a desktop for her to work well hahaha

The screens I left to her are: LG IPS 25" Ultra-wide 2560x1080 and a 27" fullHD AOC 1080p TN.

The laptop on this pic is mine which I use for emergencies only (work away from home or from the sofa because I'm tired) and it's a cheap 14" Huawei with Ryzen 2500U, 8Gb RAM and 256Gb SSD M.2, simply does its job, nothing special. Also with Elementary OS and Windows 10.

And this is my working desktop with Elementary OS (well, now with 2 screens less...)

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