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Discussion on: You Probably Don't Need a Mac

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I'm web dev since 10 years ago. I had a MacBook Pro 13" with touchbar which costs 2006€ (a bit more if you convert it into US dollars) wich came with an i5 (of course not latest gen) and 8Gb DDR3 on late 2017. I repeat DDR3 and 8Gb. Oh and 256Gb SSD and shitty intel graphics.

That is intended to be a "professional" target so the software may do the trick, I think.

I sold this trash after 7 months and I get a Huawei that costs me about 650€ with a ryzen 2500u (which come with Vega graphics), 8Gb RAM DDR4 (of course) and 256Gb SSD M.2.

I immediately installed Elementary OS on it and I realized the following advantages:

  • Costs 1.356€ less.
  • Graphics are best for any task (including video render, photo edition and gaming a 15 yo game).
  • CPU performance is almost the same.
  • Docker performance is much better on Linux than on Mac OS X.

Laptops are not my main setup for development (I've a high end desktop for this, with a windows partition for gaming) but sometimes I need a laptop for many reasons and my preferred one is getting home tyred and throw myself over the sofa with my laptop instead going to the desktop and I'm sure that I'll never gonna buy a Mac again.

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