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Discussion on: I left my job today after 7 years

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Best of luck..i have been in your shoes a few times. And brace for some tough times will be satisfying though once you hit your unsolicited advice i would like to share to you is find a paying client fast! Money will not solve everything but it will keep your head above water to get you another day to pursue your goal. i would like to try your product. We are on the same field..pls pm when it's ready.

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James Turner Author • Edited

Thanks Joell! Yeah, the plan is to get paying customers ASAP.

I haven't launched yet (nor do I have a beta for you to preview) but I do have a new landing page for BrandVantage where you can register your interest:

I'll be hopefully doing a survey or two for people that subscribe to help refine future functionality etc. Plus the more obvious reason for subscribing so you know when I launch 🙂

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