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I was in the gifted program in high school, and they made a class called 'gifted studies' available to us as an elective. It was a free-form class, where each student chose a project every semester, and had to set goals for whatever we wanted to learn … basically, designing our own curriculum. The first few semesters were mostly squandered ("taught" my friend guitar (ie. an excuse to bring my guitar to school and play around), "learned" the Japanese hiragana alphabet (ie. an excuse for an anime nerd to play around), etc.)

One day I looked over, and my friend Chris was working on his project … a Zelda-like video game. Like, literally, a video game that you could play, and he was making it all on his own. I was blown away. From the next semester on through to the end of high school, every project was about learning to write software. I dabbled with C++ (what Chris was using), and eventually settled on HTML/JavaScript.

By the time I graduated, I had a couple of small time website clients that eventually led to full time employment writing actual code. I am so incredibly grateful for that class, which let me "play around" until lightning struck and changed my life forever.

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