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re: Ridiculous. this isn't that bad, surely not bad enough to make such a big of deal over it. So, don't write an arrow function if you need to use th...

For experienced programmers, this isn't much of an issue. We are aware of the problems and how to correctly use it.

Though for the rest of the JavaScript programmers that have yet to achieve that level of experience, they will surely stumble on this. (as stack overflow questions suggest).

Bug with this are guaranteed. I have not seen a single JavaScript developer that hasn't written console.log(this) just to try and figure out WHAT IS THIS.

The best solution is to not program with this at all. Use a functional reactive style.

The library is just days old and needs a lot of work for sure. But take a look at this code (nothis v1.2.1). I would say this is more readable because of nothis.

import React from 'react'
import nothisAll from 'nothis/nothisAll'

// 🔥 LIT: no this in sight!
class Counter extends React.Component {
  state = { count: 0 }

  constructor() {

  increment({ setState }) {
    setState(({ count }) => ({ count: count + 1 }))

  render({ increment, state }) {
    return (
        <button onClick={increment}>{state.count}</button>
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