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Discussion on: What will programming look like in 100 years?

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Joel Ruiz Author • Edited on

Perhaps it's a 500 year thought, but people have been slowly abstracting and simplifying development since the 1950s, and today developers can hackathon an application in a day, where it would take months or years for the same product 20 years prior.

I often find myself coding the same logic across different projects, with many dejavu moments.

There is a science behind breaking down a requirement and transforming it into code. It follows a straight path, which AIs can one day process for us.

Imagine having to add a feature within an existing codebase. You have to find spots to inject the new code.

AI wouldn't do that, it would rewrite the whole application from scratch with the new feature standardized.

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Alex Lohr

Let me just ask one question: who develops the AI that takes over development?

You will probably answer: another AI.

However, at the end of the chain, there will still be human developers, because you need someone who sets the expectations, checks for hidden biases, reviews the output and so on.

You will never not need developers. Merely the tasks done by developers will change.