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Is there a good tutorial leading old-school devs through the new ecosystem?

I'm old-school. I learned web dev when it meant putting <script> elements into pages, editing the JS and hitting F5. Maybe shift-F5 on a bad day.

If I needed another JavaScript library/plugin, I incorporated that into the page and hit F5 again.

I'm very much aware of two things in 2020:

  1. Nowadays there are many more steps involved, there are build scripts and package managers and dependency managers and at least two versions of every project, the dev version you work on in the latest browser and the public build you serve up on the real-life website. There's something called gulp.
  2. A lot of devs, even newly-trained devs, find it hard to keep up with all these new elements of the 'ecosystem' and there are frequently-changing trends in exactly how it's done and which tools are the best.

Is there a good tutorial which takes as it's first assumption that you don't know how this new mode of development is done? And also, of course, outlines why it's better?

If not can someone please write one?

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Chris McKay

It sounds like you and I learned web development at the same time. The company I'm with now, though, uses things like Angular, TypeScript, etc. For our training, they've given us access to PluralSight. At the very least, it's a great starting point and has proven very helpful to me.