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Discussion on: I tried 10 programming languages and I liked it

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Well, the contemporary assembly language is a little bit different. With good IDE and decent libraries, the programming in assembly language is almost as productive as with the high level languages, but still keeping all the advantages of the low level programming.

Yes, it has less abstraction levels, but IMO it is actually an advantage that helps to solve the problems in the most simple way.

Anyway, here are several of my free assembly language projects. Some of them are huge and actually contain several sub-projects:

Fresh IDE - advanced assembly language IDE. (the source ) It contains as a sub-project the library FreshLib that is for writing portable applications. It contains OOP macro library as well, used mainly in the GUI widget toolkit of the library.

BTW, the web site from the above links is served by assembly written web server (not my project), the ultra-fast RWASA and is managed by my CMS, MiniMagAsm written in assembly language.

Another my web project is the web forum engine AsmBB. The source code is here.

You can browse the sources from the links above and see, that they are not so unreadable and hard to understand and maintain as you think.

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Eugene Karataev Author

Thanks, this is really insightful. My perception of assembler shifted from "used for close-to-hardware tasks only" to "might be useful in different domains, even for the web".
Also thanks for your one hour video of assembly programming. It gives the picture of current development process with asm: IDE, code highlighting, syntax, structure, e.t.c.