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Discussion on: Is Haskell bad for FP?

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John Kazer

I'm learning FP with JavaScript, trying to escape from the uncertainty of jQuery DOM control and somewhat imperative NodeJS and maybe moving to React Hooks.

Am I nuts? Should I just learn Clojure? I did start out with Common LISP but haven't touched any LISP for 20 years so my memory of it has faded!

On the Haskell side of things, there is so much in JavaScript of course that is 'bad' - but I'm learning to value an effective style which cleans things up. Is Haskell too opinionated to all a similar type of flexibility?

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Orian de Wit

For me, Haskell is an exercise language. I used it professionally for a while, but felt that the trade-off between safety and reduced development velocity was not always worth it.

Now I practice Haskell as a hobby, and use its strengths in other languages. Typescript is an excellent language for this, as it is getting mainstream and JavaScript has always had some functional DNA to it — but regularly playing with Haskell can even improve your reasoning about PHP code.

I feel like Haskell is a good teacher exactly because it can be such a pain to work with.

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DrBearhands Author

You are going to miss some of the benefits of FP by doing functional style programming in JS, rather than relying on purity.

I myself have not noticed any reduced development speed in Haskell or other ML dialects. On the contrary, any non-trivial work is a lot easier because of the reduced complexity of reasoning about pure code with well-defined types.

Haskell specifically can be a little slower due to setup and library complexity as well as compile times.