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Get the most out of your react-spring configuration


My favorite solution for UI animations when working with React is react-spring, a spring-physics based animation library.

I love it for its simple, declarative, hook-based API and animation updates without re-renders.

In case you're not familiar, the code might look something like:

import { animated, useSpring } from 'react-spring'

function Component({ visible }) {
  const { opacity } = useSpring({
    from: { opacity: 0 },
    to: { opacity: visible ? 1 : 0 },
    config: { mass: 2, tension: 280, friction: 12, clamp: true }

  return <animated.div style={{ opacity }} />

BTW, if you are not familiar, check it out!

However, as a newbie to spring-based animations, I've had a hard time knowing which effect the different config settings would have.

I believe I know what mass is, and I can sort of imagine what tension is in the context of a spring. But how would these values impact my animation? I found myself often changing the parameters and replaying the animation in the hope it would look good.

In order to take the guess-work out and get the most out of react-spring, I built a visualizer to help me find the optimal config for a specific animation.

React-spring visualizer

React-spring visualizer in spring view

On the left side you can change the config values for spring animations, on the right side you can see the animation itself.

In the default "spring" view, the impact of mass, tension, friction and clamp on a spring are visualized:

  • Mass changes the size of the "bob" on the end of the spring.
  • Tension changes the amount the spring is pulled from its resting point.
  • Friction changes the scale of the downward arrow in the top left.
  • Selecting clamp adds a barrier just above the spring's resting point.

There are 4 other displays to see how your config will look:

  • translate
  • scale
  • rotate
  • opacity

You can access them with the buttons below the visualizer.

React-spring visualizer in opacity view

If you are happy with your configuration, use the copy-to-clipboard button to copy the settings.

I would really appreciate it if you could have a look & let me know what you think!

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Emma Bostian ✨

You made React Spring Visualizer?! How cool!! I love React Spring!