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My dad was a programmer, so I was always around computers growing up. I did some basic stuff as a kid (very basic BASIC, and modifications to autoexec.bat and config.sys)

As a senior in high school (2003), I took my first C++ course. At the same time, I discovered PHP, which I felt was very similar to C++. From then on, I taught myself PHP, MySQL, and began building websites for myself, friends, and local businesses.

Afterwards, I took a few more C++ courses, as well as some assembly courses, while working on a bachelors in electronic engineering. Despite focusing my studies in that direction, my heart was always more into software than hardware.

Late 2009, I got my first iPhone and became intrigued with the iOS ecosystem. While I dabbled with Objective-C a little at the time, I didn't fully dive into it until 2012. I released my first app in 2014. Got my first professional iOS developer position in spring 2016 (still there).

So, for a lot of what I've done, and everything related to iOS and my current profession, as well as anything that's made me money in the past, has been self taught.

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