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Discussion on: What are your favorite cloud services?

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Josh Puetz

I'll admit it: I love Heroku! It's the Apple of cloud services to me: as long as you're doing things the Heorku way everything is great. I've worked on a number of teams that didn't have amazing ops personnel like we do at DEV, and in those cases not having to worry about infrastructure was a godsend!

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Tom Granot

Big, big fan. They marketed push to deploy and ephemeral environments before it was that cool and JAMstack was all the rage. And boy, do they have awesome docs..... So, so good. id a great read.

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Brian Kephart

I'm the only dev where I work, and the only reason I get away with it is because of Rails and Heroku.

Now, if they'd only support HTTP/2...

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David Aldridge

I worked at a company that had its own data centre about 10+ years ago, and they once took 7 months to provision a database for my team.

I'm thankful every day for Heroku.