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Ben Halpern
Ben Halpern

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What are your favorite cloud services?

Managed X, X as a service, cloud X... Whether it's infrastructure, hosting, API, or however you define it, what are your favorite services in terms of usability, pricing and overall satisfaction?

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Josh Puetz

I'll admit it: I love Heroku! It's the Apple of cloud services to me: as long as you're doing things the Heorku way everything is great. I've worked on a number of teams that didn't have amazing ops personnel like we do at DEV, and in those cases not having to worry about infrastructure was a godsend!

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Tom Granot

Big, big fan. They marketed push to deploy and ephemeral environments before it was that cool and JAMstack was all the rage. And boy, do they have awesome docs..... So, so good. id a great read.

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Brian Kephart

I'm the only dev where I work, and the only reason I get away with it is because of Rails and Heroku.

Now, if they'd only support HTTP/2...

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David Aldridge

I worked at a company that had its own data centre about 10+ years ago, and they once took 7 months to provision a database for my team.

I'm thankful every day for Heroku.

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Digital Ocean!

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Annie Taylor Chen
  • Firebase, database backend as service, easy for front-end development, but I heard it can get expensive over free tier
  • MongoDB Atlas cloud, not sure about price, I only used free tier so far
  • Netlify, amazing and fast for static sites!
  • Vercel, excellent with Next.js
  • Heroku, easy to set up for people with no DevOps experiences, a bit expensive for toy projects
  • Digital Ocean, inexpensive, freedom to explore different combination of tech stack, but need some DevOps knowledge
  • Gatsby Cloud (haven't used but interested...)
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Andreas Møller

Vercel by a mile. is very promising too

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Arturs Smirnovs • Edited

Cloudflare is one of most amazing services..
Not sure if you can call them as could service but they are amazing :)

@digitalocean_staff for hosting :)

Google API's are amazing, just when your project goes out of free borders it becomes quite expensive..

That's kinda short answer from me..

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Galuh Utama

Cloudflare was fine, I guess. That’s until their DNS services were down last week for 20 minutes :angryfist:

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Arturs Smirnovs

There was another incident i remember 6 months ago or so.. 30 min down time..
Issue was the same, somebody messed something up in configs.. I guess..

But still :)

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JoelBonetR 🥇 • Edited

I've seen it down many times but we still using it on my company.
Another thing they could do is custom purge cache when asset version changes (regarding filesize or last modification time), i'm tired of custom purging cache every time we deploy to production :'c

It does not check if the file exists till cache life ends, making file hashing useless for this purpose.

Oh and... cloudflare ignores no-cache headers which annoys me a lot

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Fred Richards

I am a fan of GCP, Cloudflare, and AWS, mostly in that order.

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Shaiju T


I have used Azure to deploy web apps.

I have used AWS to create a VM.

  • Azure has user friendly UX, its easy to understand.

  • I heard that AWS is costly than Azure.

  • Recently in Microsoft Build 2020, they announced new AI supercomputer .

  • AWS to Azure services comparison is handy to compare as required.

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Interesting, I always look into cheaper stuff of course for personal projects. Which services specifically are cheaper on Azure than AWS that you use? I guess the only thing I really have looked at are VM's specifically on the comparison so haven't checked everything but super curious.

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Shaiju T

As I said i heard its cheaper. You can also Google azure cheaper than AWS. Below is link from official site.

AWS is 5 times more expensive than Azure for Windows Server and SQL Server

garretharp profile image

AWS EC2/Lambda, Digitalocean
DynamoDB, MongoDB (on Atlas)

AWS is by far my favorite cloud provider that just has anything I want or need, it can sometimes be a little tricky and I use Vercel to make it a little bit easier sometimes for simple frontend and backends. Recently DynamoDB has been my favorite database to ever use and once you learn how to use it properly it is super powerful and always consistent speeds no matter how much data there is. Cloudflare is of course just super nice all around and I mainly use it for DNS/CDN. I have played around some with workers though never really used them for a real project yet.

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Matthew Schwartz

I like AWS but I had terrible performance problems with DynamoDB. Maybe it was just my specific use case.

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Elle O'Brien • Edited

For ML: the GCP $300 free credit goes pretty far! I've trained some GANs on that :) And you can get pre-emptible instances, so basically half-off GPUs if you're okay with possibly getting bumped (just add checkpoints to your model training and you'll be fine).

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Andrew Baisden

Netlify has got to be my first choice it is just so simple to get an application up on there. My portfolio website is currently live on there and the same is true for almost all of the apps and websites I have at the moment. Vercel is my second choice and it is where I first hosted my portfolio created in React. Heroku is also very good and I think its easier than Netlify and Vercel when it comes to getting a Node app running with little configuration although the free tier can be a bit limiting.

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Ben Read

Tier 2: Heroku (the original) and Netlify.
Tier 1: I’m loving AWS with Amplify and Serverless framework right now, but I’m keen to try other tier 1 services... Azure is top of my list to try!

Also Cloudflare is doing amazing things with its edge functions that seem to make much more sense than Lambda@edge (Using v8 engine instanced instead of a full container)

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R Sutharshan

Vultr is the best cloud service out there. Best performance, reasonable price, and reliability.
Also, $100 free credit to get start.
I used AWS, Google cloud, and DO also but Vultr has value for money.

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I really like AWS, probably because I was an early adopter when it came out and I got used to working with it and its quirks. The web console could be a lot better, but I think it's okay-ish most of the time. I find the pricing adequate, not too cheap, not too expensive, and overall I'm satisfied with the SLAs.

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Artem • Edited

AWS is my favorite hands down. Combined with IaC tool, like Terraform, awsis all you need for day to day basics (no matter of your scale).
I also love Terraform Cloud, cause it allows you to manage TF state without much hassle; Heroku cause it is easy to use (lots of limitation associated with PaS though); and ElephantSQL and MongoDB Atlas for DB as a service. Datadog for monitoring.

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Saurabh Sharma

Im doing amplify now a days

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Fayaz Ahmed

I use digital ocean most of the times, but for smaller projects I am really digging