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tl;dr - Corsair K68

I recently bought a Corsair K68, because I wanted a mechanical keyboard that would survive me spilling my drink on it. I've only had it a few days, but I'm pretty happy with it:


My previous keyboard was the DAS Keyboard X50Q ( daskeyboard.com/x/x50q-rgb-mechani... ). That one was also fine, but it seemed...cheap in some ways. I had some frustrations with the software and configuration, and the keyboard itself was very light and tended to drift around my desk. The Corsair K68 is heavier and the software is more polished. The Corsair also has hotkeys to change the keyboard lighting effects and styles without using software, whereas the DAS Keyboard doesn't.

(Incidentally although both of these keyboards support a myriad of lighting colors and effects, I always set mine to solid white all the time. Though I may use the software to highlight hotkeys in certain programs in the future, it can do that).

Before that I had the Code keyboard ( codekeyboards.com/ ). It was fine. Nice and heavy, felt nice to type on. But no frills. No macros or lighting, no spill resistance. If that's all you want though, it's a good keyboard.

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