Discussion on: Expose local server over SSL? (Messenger bot)

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Joshua Tzucker

The best option is definitely just paying for a service that lets you keep a reserved address (Ngrok, Pagekite, etc.), or running a self-hosted version on your own resource (VPS, Raspberry Pi, etc.). The last time I searched around for a truly "free" and all-in-one option, I came up short (Pagekite is paid BTW, but has a free trial period).

However, if you are desperate for a truly free solution, I actually came up with a workaround that I use with Ngrok; proxy requests to the dynamic Ngrok URL through a static Google Cloud Functions URL. This works, even on GCP's perpetual "free" tier. I've written up this approach here, and you can find the code here.

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Barney Author

Nice hack! 👌