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The code on mobile challenge

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In my last post, I talked about how to install Vscode on android. For sure, it's not a comfortable experience and that's why I don't use it in my everyday development. Why ? I don't have a PC. But I am totally fine with that, I am used to coding on mobile.
I've done this for over a year now and it continues to make me smile (after a successful build 😁).

I use the android operating system for that, the reason is obvious - iOS is completely private to Apple . Due to that, there are many apps I use for building my apps on it. I can build android apps, web apps/websites and run all kinds of programs on it.

Where am I heading to with this post

I just started the #100DaysOfCode challenge about 1.5 months ago and I am happy to be near the end. 99% of what I build during the challenge was with my phone. As such, last week I had the idea "why no have a challenge for that"?. Yeah why not. So I will like you to take the challenge and setup some Dev environment in your Android device and build something with it. You are free to use any language you wish and any app of your choice. Below I have a list of some of the awesome android apps I know (with their purpose).

  • AIDE (Used to build android apps and Java programs)

  • Termux (You can do anything with it. I especially like it for using NodeJS and Golang, C/C++ compiler and GitHub git usage)

  • Spck Editor (The best frontend code editor you'll find on the playstore. It comes with a console for running JavaScript and you can save your work to a version control like GitHub. - The main drawback is : you cannot access the files from your file explorer. Please send an issue (feature request) so they add it )

Let's see what you'll build. Let your comments do the magic πŸ˜‹

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