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Discussion on: TIL #001: Svelte does not use Virtual DOM and the Bus Factor

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József Sallai - I made this using Svelte. It might be very fast here, but for larger data, it can get slow. A Vue rewrite is planned, mainly just to see which one would be faster.

My experience with Svelte was... interesting. Rather surreal. If there's one thing I don't really like about Svelte it's exactly that - it removes the niceness of having framework abstractions. It's also really difficult (or maybe impossible) to write actual frontend unit tests for your components (since you're mutating real DOM elements instead of vdom). Sure, there are E2E/integration tests, but it's not the same, especially not in terms of speed.


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Bos Eriko Reyes Author

Yeah. Good point. Would love to see frameworks (similar to nuxt or gatsby) that includes built in testing for svelte.

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