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It’s 2020 — Create Faster Web Apps UI

Developers are hyper-productive people. They are constantly upgrading their tools to improve their productivity for producing faster & better results.

I have been into full-stack web development for almost a decade. One of the critical challenges I am facing right now is that I need to focus on a variety of things from Designing UI to Deploying Web Application in a very limited amount of time.

I am using a variety of tools and frameworks to speed up my production. Among them for UI — I am mostly using Bootstrap 4 and Bulma for most of my projects for creating responsive web app projects.
As I am repeatedly focusing on the building variety of Web Applications I found that there are some common patterns while building them:

For eg:

1) Login/Signup/Forget Password UI
2) Dashboard kind of layouts
3) User Profile Layouts
4) Settings Form
5) and the list goes on and on.

I feel that most of the full-stack developers out there might have noticed the same UI pattern while building their Web Apps UI.
So, We’ve decided to speed up the above process by building a simple tool using which you can drag and drop — pre-built Bootstrap 4 components like Signup Form with Cover Image, Login Form, Dashboard Layout, etc…
But wait- there are a lot of similar Bootstrap builders out there why I need to build another Bootstrap builder

Introducing Gridbox 8


Most Bootstrap Builders focus on generating Websites but we’ve decided to build this especially for Creating Faster Web Apps UI.

We’ve also considered other factors

Sometimes, Drag and drop is a very limited option for developers to refine the layout, that’s why we built in-built full packed Code Editor using which you can create multiple HTML, CSS & JS files to extend your Web Apps UI.

In Summary — You can enjoy the following features

  1. Drag & Drop — Pre-Made Bootstrap Blocks — Like Dashboard Layouts, Signup Forms, *Login Forms, E-Commerce Order Layout
  2. Drag & Drop — Default Bootstrap Components to improve the layout further like Buttons, Cards, etc…
  3. Create/Edit — HTML, CSS & JS — for further UI improvements.
  4. Download the Entire Project & use it for production or further development
  5. Deploy to Netlify — to showcase your project to your clients.

I hope, you enjoy using this tool for creating responsive Web Apps UI faster.

Give it a shot!

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