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First introduced to programming back in the 80's in school, using Basic to make my name scroll across the screen in the library. Then in high school (still in the 80's) took a programming class learning Basic and Turbo Pascal. I had a great teacher who was very inspiring. Then I went on to become an electronics technician, then a soldier in the US Army. During my last year I was working in the mail room and used the MS Access database on the mail room computer to create a small program to help with the tracking of packages for other soldiers (so we could say exactly when they picked it up etc.) Then after leaving the Army I became a technical trainer, and on the side played around with some Visual Basic 6. I learned a bit about threading and such, and wrote a small program to assist a colleague who needed to find version numbers from files and store them in a list. After a bit the company asked if I could help with the Sharepoint internal site, and create an rss reader for one of the management who required that, so I dug into some C# and created the rss reader. Even later, the company decided to do more in-house development and told me that they would send me to a Java course. That evening I went home and ordered a bunch of java books and got started learning, took my two 1 week courses to introduce me to Java, and I've been working in Java ever since about 2008. I find it funny how my career path has been very wobbly but eventually I made it to where I wanted to be.

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