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Discussion on: Responsive design in React components?

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Juan R. Rodríguez Author

Thanks for your comment.
At first I thought the same thing and tried to find a way to do this with css only but media queries always work depending on the size of the device/viewport, or its orientation/resolution, it doesn't work when what is important for us is to apply styles depending on the space an element is going to be able to occupy at a given time.
There is an interesting discussion about this on the w3c github and the recommended way for this seems to be the use of js.

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Victor Ocnarescu

That's actually right. First time I read your article I did not understand that you wanted different styles depending on the "space" of the element and not on the device/viewport. I have not yet encountered this scenario in real projects though, but it is a nice approach, will definitely use it if I ever need it.